Adjust your office desk with a gentle nudge

Have you ever fumbled for the buttons on your desk panel on your height adjustable desk? We have removed the up and down buttons on your desk panel to avoid this problem. Now you control your desk simply by tilting the panel. It does not get more intuitive than that. In other words, the Desk Panel series, DPG, from LINAK makes it easier than ever to stay healthy and efficient during the workday.

Product News:  Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Adjust your office desk with a gentle nudge

Change posture from sitting to standing vice versa every once or twice an hour and stay productive throughout the workday. We have heard this advice numerous times. But, when we are already busy with our daily tasks at work it can be hard to live up to.

In other words, adjustment of your height adjustable desk needs to be as easy and intuitive as possible. This is where the new LINAK desk panel DPG comes into the picture. The DPG allows the user to adjust the desk without stealing focus from other tasks. In fact, when you operate a desk with the DPG, you do not even have to look to locate the up-down buttons – the panel itself is the up-down “button”.

The DPG is a family of LINAK Desk Panels operated by just tilting the panel up or down. The up/down buttons are replaced with a simple tilt function allowing the user to adjust the desk height by a gentle nudge. Double tap and it moves to a memorized position.

The advantages are easy to spot:

  • Stay focused - Keep attention on your work, as the DPG can be operated without looking
  • Extremely intuitive to use - Tilt up to go up - tilt down to go down.
  • Do it right the first time – No more buttons to hit precisely for the right direction for the desk.

We know from behavioral science that habits most often only change, when humans find it easy or convenient. This is why the DPG is extremely intuitive to use, and designed to shape behavior.

More information about the DPG desk panel with reminder
See how the tilt function works in this short demonstration video.

Intuitive tilting with the LINAK desk panel DPG


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Updated: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 8:13 PM