Wider variety of wireless hand controls for LINAK comfort beds

The LINAK portfolio of wireless hand controls for adjustable comfort beds is growing rapidly. Learn more about Bluetooth operation, and innovative features like keypad backlight, memory and torch function.

Product News:  Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Hand controls for comfort beds

A growing variety of hand controls for comfort beds
LINAK recently released the HC30 hand control, the latest addition to an already broad portfolio of wireless controls for adjustable comfort beds. A wealth of sizes, designs and functionalities aim to help comfort furniture manufacturers create beds that exactly fit the needs of their customers.

A hand control is one of the few technical parts of adjustable comfort furniture that end-users must interface with on a daily basis. This makes it a critical part of the overall experience. That is why LINAK continually refines our designs and develops new hand controls for comfort beds.

We fully recognise that functionality, design and appearance have to go hand in hand. Sizes and colours vary to match the overall bed design, as well the number of buttons on the hand control reflects the extent of features desired for each type of comfort bed.

Our range of hand controls for comfort beds has plenty of features to offer including:
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth™ - Offering free movement, without tangled wires
  • Rubber backside - Hand controls that are easier to grab and hold.
  • Integrated metal plate for easy magnetic fixture to the bed
  • Keypad backlight – Even user-friendly in the dark
  • Memory – Remember preferred positions
  • Torch function – Find your things at night
  • Extra possibilities of adjusting neck and foot actuators

For more details about the wireless hand controls from LINAK - HB10 Wireless, HC05 Wireless, HC10 Wireless, HC20 Wireless, and the HC30 Wireless - see our hand control product overview.



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Updated: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 8:09 PM