Innovative and functional height adjustable dining tables

The latest height adjustable dining table from Danish Skovby Møbelfabrik is powered by LINAK battery solutions and actuators.

Product News:  Thursday, February 23, 2017
Innovation and functionality in height adjustable dining tables
Since its foundation in 1933, Skovby Møbelfabrik (furniture factory) has evolved from being a small cabinetmaker’s shop that delivered furniture and equipment on request, to a global brand in dining room furniture.

Innovation, functionality and use of new technology are important factors for the company that attaches great importance to being at the cutting edge of consumers’ needs. One recent addition is a height adjustable dining table in which actuators and a battery solution from LINAK are used.

When Thorvald Rasmussen founded his cabinetmaker’s business back in 1933, the starting point was production to order and delivery of equipment. The enquiries increased over the years, and in the 1950s, they started a serial production of furniture, which later came to focus solely on dining room furniture.

The international interest in Danish design and the booming US economy in the 1960s formed the foundation for what today has evolved into a global business for the two brothers Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen who as the third generation still run the family owned company from the headquarters in Skovby, Denmark.

The creative and aesthetic line of Skovby products are managed by the architect, Per Hånsbæk, who has worked with the company for more than 25 years.

The dining table Skovby SM30

From dining room to kitchen-dining area

The dining room was the initial focus of Skovby, and since the 1950s, this has evolved into the kitchen-dining area, which is not only an eating area, but also a living and working area for the whole family.

Skovby attaches great importance to following this development and Preben Rasmussen explains,
The needs of the consumers change, we must be on the cutting edge developing tables with features that meet these needs. We are not frightened of technology, and we are very focused on how we can meet the consumers’ needs with new technology”.

Skovby’s focus on this development among other things resulted in several patented expansion solutions for dining tables and multifunctional furniture for the home.

Integration of new technology
With the height adjustable dining table Skovby SM30, the company has taken another step to be at the forefront. The table is designed with an actuator and battery solution from LINAK, which makes it possible to adjust the table up and down. In addition, the switch on the table is also programmable and thus favorite settings can be stored.

As to the integration of LINAK technology in the design, said Jørgen Rasmussen,
Height adjustability and ergonomics are already obvious in the workplace, and bringing ergonomics to the home is the next step. People have shown great interest in the table when we have presented it at exhibitions, so we know that there is a potential. It is obvious that new technology also means a price leap. Right now, the product can be described as high-end, but as consumption patterns change, consumers also gradually become more open to new technology, so we think that the market will become more open to such solutions”.

The brothers Preben Rasmussen and Jørgen Rasmussen

The brothers Preben Rasmussen and Jørgen Rasmussen, as the third generation still runs the family owned business from the headquarters in Skovby.

A dining table that combines aesthetics and functionality
The kitchen-dining area has been given a central role in the home as a place to live and to gather. This allows you to add new features to e.g. the dining table, and it is exactly this challenge Skovby wanted to take up.

The result is the dining table Skovby SM30. Per Hånsbæk says the following about his thoughts of the table,
We work with the concept of multi-purpose furniture. We have considered what features the ultimate kitchen-dining table must be able to offer as the kitchen-dining area occupies an increasingly central place in the home. It is the family dining area, the working area of the adults and the children’s play area, and with the built-in height adjustability and expandability the table can be used for all those purposes.”

The table had to live up to Skovby’s standards to functionality as well as to aesthetics and design. Per Hånsbæk elaborates,
The design had to be internationally oriented and had to live up to our standards. It poses new challenges to integrate technology into the design. Skovby is, for instance synonymous with extensions, so this feature should also be incorporated in the design. Combined with the actuators and the battery, this posed some challenges in terms of stability, which was solved by developing a table with a base, which is known and popular in many countries”.

  Height adjustability at your fingertips

Height adjustability at your fingertips

An ambitious cooperation on innovation
Skovby attaches great importance to utilization of technology, and on that basis, the company has here found a common ground with LINAK who wants to be an active partner in connection with development of new innovative furniture solutions for the home. In fact, the story of LINAK and Skovby extends back to the early 1990s, when the two companies jointly developed a fully automated table with actuators for use at exhibitions.

In 2011, the cooperation was resumed and together they developed the coffee table SM236 with a height adjustable solution, which means that the table can also be used as a small dining table in a small flat. With the dining table Skovby SM30 as the latest addition, LINAK actuator solutions have now really made their way to the core in Skovby’s business.

Regarding the background to the cooperation says Preben Rasmussen,
It means a lot to us that we use components developed and produced in Denmark as this is a quality mark in our book. Therefore, as a well-established Danish company, LINAK is an ideal partner for us. It is also our experience that the products are durable, and it helps us keep the costs of after sales service down across the world”.

In relation to the cooperation with LINAK elaborates Per Hånsbæk,
LINAK has involved itself fully in the project and has been an active partner. This created a good dialogue where all questions were answered and followed up throughout the process.”

  Per Haansbaek, Architect

Per Haansbaek, Architect.

In the form of the dining table Skovby SM30, the cooperation between Skovby and LINAK appears as an example of how actuator technology and design can come together, and expand the functions of the dining table in accordance with the kitchen dining area’s status as a living and gathering area in the home.

With the dining table Skovby and LINAK have thus created a foundation that height adjustability and the included ergonomics and comfort find their way to the kitchen-dining area in Denmark and globally.

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