Easy solutions for balers with LINAK actuators

TECHLINE actuator systems are easily integrated with the control system of a hay baler. This is possible with standard actuators or with more advanced IC actuators.

Corporate News:  Tuesday, February 14, 2017

By using a LINAK actuator solution (standard, IC and CANBUS) for balers, you are ensured a capable, easily implemented system with the control and feedback required both now and in the future.

LINAK® actuators provide a precise positioning and feedback system that results in high control of the net braking force. Precise tightening of the net ensures high bale density and quality, and precise control of the knife ensures efficient net cutting.

LINAK actuator solutions for balers

LINAK's LA12, LA14 and LA36 linear actuators are all used in balers. These actuators can help automate:

  • Belt tentioner for controlling the tension of the belt
  • Knives to cut the net or wire
  • Pick up up/down control
  • Brake for controlling the tension of the wrapping net

Thanks to the LA36 from LINAK, reliability and productivity was added to the system of a new series of balers from Kverneland. Read the full story here.


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Updated: Wednesday, February 08, 2017 7:49 PM