Care - also for the nurses

The importance of ergonomics for healthcare workers.

Product News:  Wednesday, January 04, 2017
The average age of the population is growing across the world. In fact, the population of people above the age of 60 will nearly double to 2 billion people by 2050. At the same time, it is predicted that the world will be short 12.9 million healthcare workers in 2035.

With fewer caring hands in the future, it is now more important than ever to not only care for the patients but also the nurses. Focusing on ergonomics and working conditions for nurses and medical professionals will be imperative.

Integrate improved ergonomics into your applications
LINAK Intelligent Care Solutions™ provide actuators and controls for optimal adjustment and offer several value-adding features for a variety of healthcare applications - from simple height adjustment to advanced features like integrated scale in healthcare beds or smooth patient lift solutions assuring easy and safe patient handling for the nurse. It is now easier than ever to secure better working conditions for healthcare applications, and thereby improve ergonomics, efficiency and quality of life for nurses everywhere!

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