A Need For Even Better Products

Higher requirements for TECHLINE products are creating new challenges, and for this reason, LINAK has invested in new advanced tools.

Product News:  Monday, October 17, 2016
By Claus Hegelund Sørensen, R&D Manager TECHLINE

Our already robust TECHLINE products need to become even better.
In recent years in TECHLINE, we have focused on the agricultural and construction industries. We have succeeded in being recognized as the right alternative to current hydraulic solutions.

This means that large and recognized players within these sectors are now demanding new features and increased durability. Our work is focused on living up to these new requirements.

Among the features that have been introduced with close customer collaboration is the LINbus proportional control interface, which offers the ability to run at very low and high temperatures. In addition, it offers significantly increased demands on the electronics with regard to EMC, load pulses etc.

Very high demands
The really big challenge we are facing right now, is the new and very high requirements to vibration resistance. One may wonder why this is necessary.

If you imagine a tractor that is made to run all day on a ploughed field, where there is an expectation that the actuator must work, it is not so difficult to understand why the actuator must be very robust.

When we talk about vibration resistance, there are many parameters. It is therefore difficult to make an immediate comparison of the various tests.

However, in a slightly simplified manner we can say that the new requirements we must meet, are approximately five times greater than the vibration test we have passed previously. Therefore, there is no ”easy go”.
What is vibration?
Vibration is a complex variable that is affected by the following factors:
  • The direction of the vibration (X,Y,Z)
  • Low Frequency / High Frequency / [Hz]
  • Time [Hour]
  • Level [g2/Hz]
We cannot make an immediate comparison of how the various factors affect the actuator. Ultimately, this can only be documented by testing.

Eliminating the weakest areas
Traditionally, we have merely tested our products and found that we fulfilled the requirements. Now that the requirements are significantly higher, we have invested in calculation and simulation tools where we can simulate the various stress loads on the product to find the weakest areas. We have also designated an expert in the field. An expert who has undergone advanced training, and who enables LINAK to act professionally to the customer queries we receive.

Relentlessly working to improve
Despite the fact that we can calculate and simulate our way to better solutions, we will not stop testing. Moreover, in order to live up to tighter international test requirements, it has been necessary to invest in a new and much larger shaking tester. This enables us to test in accordance with the standards required and expected by a top brand like LINAK. Finally, we are also able to quickly verify construction changes quickly and accordingly.

New LINAK shaking tester

Even if all these new requirements sound overwhelming, I am convinced that with our focused effort, we will reach our objective and thereby strengthen our position in the TECHLINE market.


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Updated: Monday, October 17, 2016 9:48 PM