What is OpenBus

OpenBus Control Boxes

Instead of having a wire for each function and a hardware change for each new option, LINAK has developed a hardware platform of control boxes which can be programmed for the specific need in the end-user application.

The “Brain”, being the Microprocessor, is inside our OpenBus Control Boxes; CB6s, CB16, CB20 and CBJ-Care. So, instead of the handset being analog there is now a microchip in the handset and one in the control box and they “talk to each other”.  We do this by setting addresses to each handset button.  On top of that you can add various value adding accessories, realizing intelligent applications.

CB6s OpenBus
Voltage in: 230/120 V
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CB16 OpenBus
Voltage in: 230/120/100 V
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CB20 OpenBus 
Voltage in: 230/120/100 V
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CBJ Care Control Box with Service Monitor from LINAK®
Voltage output: 24 V DC 
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OpenBus means increased safety. We call it “First Failure Safe”. To put it simple, this means that you don´t see unintended movement in your application because of short circuited wires. Because with OpenBus the signal is being transferred by Bits and Bytes. No connection means no signal. This means extra safety as opposed to analogue systems where you don’t get this feature. On top of this we have a separate wire in the cable which must be enabled before movement is possible. Called “Power Request”. No request for power means no movement!

Clever Movement

Advanced applications might have a need for clever movement. With the microprocessor you can configure your system to operate in certain predefined patterns. You can configure it to stop at a specific time when moving, or make it operate simultaneously or in parallel in the way you want it to.

Customized solution

OpenBus control boxes offer a  lot of flexibility in order to address the differentiated needs in the market. Customer needs tend to vary and OpenBus can meet your specific requirement for a customized solution. The software can be made to realize the exact movement, set-up and optional features you want to see in the future application.   

Systems Compatibility

LINAK offers flexibility by combining the products to fit your specific need. Please contact your LINAK partner for designing  the right system according to your application.

  • Actuators: LA27, LA31, LA34, LA44
  • Control boxes: CB6s (OBL & OBF), CB16 (OBL & OBF), CB20, CBJ-Care
  • Controls: HB80, HB70, FPP, IRO, ACK, ACO, ACC 
  • Columns: BL1, BL4

Improved Logistics

An advantage with OpenBus is that you get more flexibility when creating your system solution. Our OpenBus-compatible products comes with ”mini-fit” cable-plug. This means you can interchange all the OpenBus control boxes with all of our common actuators and attendant controls, so your logistical flow will be optimized.

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