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Treatment chairs are used for a number of different purposes from barber and beauty salons to blood donation and outpatient surgery. Often patients have to spend a long time in the chair, when receiving dialysis, for example. Easy positioning and adjustment of the chair makes it more comfortable to the patient. But what if your treatment chair could also provide a more secure treatment while saving time and resources for staff?
MEDLINE™ & CARELINE® actuator systems for treatment chairs matched with the LINAK OpenBus™ technology present almost endless new ways to increase the value of treatment chairs.
Apart from the obvious multiple positioning function, the OpenBus actuator system could provide reading light and charging facilities for mobile phones or iPod for added comfort and convenience. You can also add accessories to improve working conditions for the nursing staff: a built-in scale to weigh the patient, a wet sensor, a nurse call function. The service staff get easier access to service data, which can be linked to a laptop.
These are just a few of the innovative advantages provided by LINAK OpenBus actuator systems for treatment chairs. If you have an idea of how you could improve you treatment chair and gain the competitive edge, please contact LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE and we will help you come up with the perfect solution.

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