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LINAK offers different types of systems for different types of needs. Whether you prefer a basic system or an advanced customized solution for your treatment and examination table, we have the right system for you.

A typical table system is built up around 3 to 6 main products:
  • one or more lifting actuators or columns performing the up/down movement for ergonomic working conditions and patient comfort
  • a back lift actuator creates a comfortable rest position for the patient.
  • actuators to control leg or tilt functions.
  • a control box controlling the movement
  • a hand control or foot switch to activate the required motion.
Your treatment and exam table will be tailored to your individual needs and design requirements. No matter which solution you choose you will get a top class system that improves the quality of life for the users through ergonomics and by providing a reliable, smooth and quiet movement of the table. 

Choose LINAK

For more than a decade, LINAK has supplied safe and reliable dedicated treatment and exam table systems. When choosing a MEDLINE™ & CARELINE® table system, there are many possible ways to combine an optimal system solution. Our OpenBus™ systems allow flexible control of your treatment and exam tables. The accessory Service Data Tool for IC ensures safety and efficiency in the daily use of the table by providing information on wear and tear. Other value-adding accessories can be integrated as part of the table. All our systems are tested and approved, making it easy for you to get your table approved.

MEDLINE & CARELINE Table Control Boxes

Depending on your needs for functionality and accessories, we provide different kinds of control box choices. The software inside the control boxes can be customized or you can get standard software. OpenBus control boxes provide a high safety level and more alternatives enable service data to be stored in the control boxes to ensure that the couches are up and running at all times.
You can choose among different OpenBus control boxes depending on your needs. The CB6S provides up to 4 channels and the CB16 up to 6 channels. Both solutions ensure reliable movement and high safety. With a CB20, it is possible to add up to 6 actuators and more control units and accessories. Various different accessories and options are available depending on your needs. If you need a basic control box a CA40 is a good and reliable choice.

MEDLINE & CARELINE Table Actuators

Lifting columns such as the BL1 are great solutions for couches due to the clean design and simple construction. No hands or legs can get caught between the moving parts adding a safety aspect. 

MEDLINE & CARELINE LA43 IC and LA44 IC actuators with intelligent control: Intelligent Control (IC) enables a simple system consisting of 1 or 2 actuators, a Switch Mode Power Supply and a hand control or a footswitch.

Lifting actuators for different load capacity are available. The LA40 is our silent and well-proven solution when handling high load, the LA34 is available for handling an even higher load and the LA44 when handling the heaviest load. All actuators are strong choices for tables. 

As backrest or leg rest actuators, we recommend our extremely silent LA31, our basic functionality LA27 depending on need for lifting capacity and table construction. 


We have foot switch and hand control solutions:
  • Use the FS foot switch for multiple functions or FS2 for up/down function.
  • Control the table with a HB80 or HB70 handset. The HB80 provides an ergonomic design and an optional magnet or hook.
  • Allow both the treatment provider and the patient to control movement with the Flexible Patient Panel (FPP).
Linear Actuator LA40 Control Box CA40 Linear Actuator LA40 Lifting Column BL1 Hand Control HB80 Lifting Column BL1
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