Systems for Patient Lifts

ACTUATOR Systems for patient lifts


LINAK offers different types of systems for different types of needs. Whether you prefer a basic or an advanced system for your patient lift, we have the right one for you.

A typical patient lift system is built around 3 to 5 main products:
  • the lifting actuator performing the actual movement of the patient
  • a leg spread actuator ensuring stability of the patient lifts
  • sometimes a third actuator is mounted to control the sling
  • the control box with battery controlling the movement
  • the control where you activate the required move.
The specification of each of these products depends on your individual needs and design ideas.

A typical patient lift would be built up around one of each category products. No matter which you choose you will get a top class system that improves the quality of life for the user by improving safety and providing a reliable, smooth and quiet movement for the patients.

Choose LINAK

For more than a decade, LINAK has supplied the medical industry with dedicated systems for patient lifts. Our user-friendly systems are known for their reliability and safety. 
When choosing a MEDLINE™ & CARELINE® patient lift system there are many possible ways of configuring an optimal solution. LINAK provides flexibility and freedom of choice between many different options. We have the right product for you in our portfolio.

Safety is a key matter for LINAK and we incorporate it wherever possible. All our control boxes ensure that the actuator will cut off if there is too much load placed on it. Our lifting actuators have safety nuts for safe operation even when the actuator is worn.

All our systems are tested and approved, making it easy for you to get your patient lift approved. By choosing a LINAK system, you can easily meet the requirements of EN10535.  

MEDLINE & CARELINE patient lift Control Boxes

The CBJ-Care is an intelligent solution enabling service data to be stored in the control box to guarantee that the patient lifts are up and running at all times. Furthermore, the CBJ-Care can help remember service visits, provide extended information about the battery stage and add many other advantages. The CBJ1 enables two speed operation and soft start and soft stop of the lifting actuator to make certain a comfortable lift for the patients. If you need a basic control box with battery alarm, a CBJ2 is a good and reliable choice. Our elegant CBJ-Home adds design to the lift, but also features like easy and reliable adjustment of maximum weight.

All control boxes come with internal or external charger also enabling a wall charger option. Various different accessories and options are available depending on your needs.

MEDLINE & CARELINE patient lift Actuators

Lifting actuators for different load capacities are available. The LA31 is available when handling high load, the LA34 for handling an even higher load and the LA44 for the heaviest loads. All actuators are strong choices for lifting the patients and developed for the purpose. 
For leg spread or sling control actuators we recommend our small and compact LA23, or the extremely silent LA31, our compact LA28 or our small LA12 depending on design wishes and patient lift construction. 


Whether you look for a simple up-down control or an advanced control showing the battery status, service need or overload indicator you will find it in the MEDLINE & CARELINE product portfolio. Our newest hand controls are the HB70 and the HB80. The HB80 provides an ergonomic design and an optional magnet or hook. The HD80 JUMBO with battery indication, service indication and overload indicators is available for CBJ-Care

The HB30 offers superior user experience with ergonomic perfection and one-hand operation. It comes with exchangeable cable and non-slip coating on the back for a better grip.

Battery solutions

Choose from different battery solutions for your patient lift system, including BAJ1, BAJL Battery Pack Li-Ion single capacity and BAJL Battery Pack Li-Ion double capacity. The BAJL Battery Pack Li-Ion is a green solution based on Lithium-Ion technology offering extended battery lifetime and low weigh compared to lead-acid technology.

Performance is improved with more lifts per charge and more stable speed on all lifts for each charge cycle. The BAJL Battery Pack Li-Ion is backward compatible.
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