Patient Lifts Actuator Systems

Patient lifts


Mobile lifts improve the lives of both nurses and patients, as long as they are safe, reliable, and easy to handle.

The LINAK actuator systems for patient lifts give you a wide selection of lifting actuators, handsets and control boxes. All components are tested to meet LINAK standards and the norm requirements.
Features like intelligent service monitoring, simple and precise adjustment, soft start and stop, battery status indication, and much more were made to enhance lifting products.

Contact LINAK with your needs and ideas regarding actuators for patient lifts and together we will come up with a perfect solution.

introducing service data tool — 2nd generation

Let LINAK be your eyes with the newly improved service data tool and CBJ care system. With more intelligent tracking features, you can monitor the usage history, how many times the battery has reached a critically low level and the last time the lift was serviced.

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System example for Patient Lifts
Whether you like a basic system for your patient lift, or an advanced system we have the right system for you. Learn more about patient lift systems »
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