Care For Tomorrow Today

Are you ready to take on the healthcare challenge of tomorrow?

With more people in need of care, but fewer hands to do the caring, there’s an urgent need for intelligent solutions that enable efficient workflows and increase the comfort and safety of the patient. That’s why Care for Tomorrow Today has become the mindset we apply to everything we do in LINAK.

We believe it is crucial to think ahead because only by doing that can we provide the world with advanced ergonomic solutions that will truly make a valuable difference – and we hope you will join us on the journey.

We encourage you to infuse your craftsmanship with our Intelligent Care Solutions to take essential products like nursing home beds, wheelchairs, patient lifts and examination tables to the next level. For the good of the patients and carers as well as for society.

Or in other words: Care For Tomorrow Today.

“Intelligent care solutions like the intelligent bed do not mean we visit the user any less. What the technological advances do is enable us to place the visits when our help is of most value to the user. It means a lot to the user and the relatives – and to us.”

Carer Henriette Petersen
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