The MEDLINE & CARELINE division provides electric linear actuator solutions designed to improve the lives of both patients and caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers and private homes.

We focus on how innovative use and perfection of movement and control can improve hospital and health care equipment to meet the serious challenges facing the sector.
At LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE, we keep a close watch on global trends and developments in the sector. Our extensive knowledge and insight is the basis for a close collaboration with our customers to develop truly innovative solutions based on and around electric linear actuator systems.
Since the early 1990’s MEDLINE & CARELINE has maintained a worldwide position as a leading supplier of cutting edge solutions. We help our customers stay ahead on a dynamic market by constantly improving their applications to meet new challenges.
LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE is an individual, strategic business unit. We draw on LINAK subsidiaries and service organizations in all major markets to ensure that all local medical and safety regulations are fulfilled and to provide optimal service.
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