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The modern bedroom is not just about sleeping it is a place to recover after a long day and prepare for the next. This is where you relax with a good book, where you watch television and have breakfast in bed on Sunday. All this and more make the modern bed much more than just a place to sleep.
The HOMELINE® range of actuator accessories can turn any bed into a luxurious piece of comfort furniture. The basic adjustability of a headrest and a footrest is just the tip of the iceberg.
How about a built-in TV-lift to elevate a flat screen television from the bed frame? Or, a built-in massage motor to relieve sore muscles? You can also have USB-connectors in the bed and illumination and additional adjustment with the same control.
With LINAK HOMELINE as your business partner there really is no end to the innovative new ideas we can make come true together. Please contact us with your vision for a luxurious bed. We will be happy to share it and help make it come true.

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Single actuator systems for leisure beds

Learn more about CBH single actuator systems with a high lifting capacity that ensures maximum flexibility for box spring manufacturers.

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HOMELINE accessories

HOMELINE accessories set your bed apart with unique value adding features. Features ensuring comfort and value for the end-user.

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What is a Dual Actuator
An electric dual actuator is a unique integrated system…
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