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The choice of box spring mattresses ranges from relatively light and soft to stiff and heavy mattresses. This is why it takes a high force bed actuator system to ensure smooth and quiet adjustment of a comfort bed without limiting the choice of mattresses.
HOMELINE® offers powerful compact single actuator systems as well as intelligent dual actuator systems for beds with a high lifting capacity to ensure maximum flexibility in the choice of mattress. Even stiff box spring mattresses are handled with elegant ease by this unique motor system.
HOMELINE can provide you with an intelligent modular platform to build all kinds of innovative features like illumination or massage into the bed. If you have an idea that could add value to your product and help differentiate your bed from the competition, we will gladly help you work out the perfect solution.
LINAK HOMELINE bed actuator systems come with a flexible choice of controls and a wide range of accessories to fit your needs and your design. Please contact LINAK HOMELINE if you need a smooth, safe and reliable adjustment of box spring beds.

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Single actuator systems for leisure beds

Learn more about CBH single actuator systems with a high lifting capacity that ensures maximum flexibility for box spring manufacturers.

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HOMELINE accessories

HOMELINE accessories set your bed apart with unique value adding features. Features ensuring comfort and value for the end-user.

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