Adjustable Slatted Beds

slatted beds


A slatted bed base and mattress is light, requiring only a moderate force actuator system.  The low height that is common in a slatted bed design usually requires a compact system.
HOMELINE® offers reliable dual actuator systems optimized for slatted beds that can be controlled by wireless hand controls. They are low height and low noise with sufficient force to handle any kind of slats, frames and mattresses for this type of bed. HOMELINE solutions are virtually maintenance-free with no batteries to change in the handset or other inconveniences to the end user.
It is not enough to feel comfortable in bed, you also need safety and quality. This is why LINAK HOMELINE actuator systems for motorized slatted beds offer a main power cut-off cable as a basic option to avoid electro­magnetic radiation and save energy as you only use electricity while the bed is operated.

Emergency lowering is another basic option with HOMELINE actuator systems to avoid having the adjustable bed staying in an awkward position during a power failure or breakdown.

LINAK HOMELINE dual actuators for beds come with a flexible choice of controls and accessories to fit your needs and design. Please contact LINAK HOMELINE if you want to add value to a slatted bed by applying a comfortable, smooth and reliable adjustment.

Products for Slatted Beds

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