HOMELINE is a LINAK Division focusing on complete modular actuator systems designed to improve the comfort and ergonomic qualities of comfort furniture.

For more than 30 years, LINAK has provided market leading linear electric actuator solutions for a well of different customers. This experience and knowledge is now used to enhance comfort in residential furniture – primarily comfort beds.

At LINAK, focus is on turning new ideas into elegant solutions that will give more value for the end-user. The result is strong and reliable yet low-noise actuator systems with a compact design, which blends in smoothly with the overall furniture design. For us focus is on improving products to provide our customers with a competitive advantage. For example, the LINAK Bluetooth® control solution is not only another wireless control. It also enables you to offer customers a more personalized adjustment.

To stay inspired LINAK hosts entities like “Design Meets Movement” involving some of the World’s most creative and innovative designers within adjustable furniture.

This way of thinking has given HOMELINE a solid reputation as a serious quality supplier among bed manufacturers in all major markets.

Finally, HOMELINE provides full system solutions – actuators, control boxes, controls and a well of optional features like smartphone control app, Under Bed Light, or USB outlets. LINAK literally is a one-stop-shop.

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