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ZERO™ technology

Use the calculator above to compare our low standby DESKLINE actuator solution to your current solution and see your savings in kWh/$ as well as your reduced CO2 emission per year.

Make a difference and stand by the climate!
With the ZERO™ technology it is possible to reduce the typical standby consumption of 1-2 W to just 0.1W.

In order to be able to move immediately at the push of a button a height adjustable desk or workstation needs to be in standby mode all the time. With the ZERO technology LINAK has reduced the standby power consumption of DESKLINE control boxes to an incredibly low maximum of 0.1 W.

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The increased public awareness of the effects of climate change has put focus on the CO2 emissions caused by standby power consumption in all sorts of equipment.
LINAK ZERO™ technology sets new standards for responsible standby power consumption.
What is a Control Box
The control box is the heart and brain of an actuator solution…
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