Phasing Out the DL4

A New Chapter for the DESKLINE® Lifting column portfolio

The modern workspace is evolving.  Desks are no longer as crowded as they once were. Computers, monitors and other office equipment are no longer as heavy as they used to be.

The DL4 column technology was created to move large, heavy workspaces.  Because of lighter table tops, the DL4 column started displaying a stick slip behavior. Columns would slip while moving up and down. LINAK attributed this to a decrease in workstation weight, and thus the strength of the DL4 was no longer as efficient. 

The DL4S was created to substitute DL4 and to eventually phase out DL4 completely. This is an effort to prolong the lifespan of the unique DL4 look.


The process of phasing out has already begun. In January 2017, the last call for DL4 orders will begin. In May 2017, LINAK will issue a “suspension of orders notice”. By October 2017, production of DL4 will cease. Therefore, it is very important that customers contact their LINAK salesperson to discuss how making the transition


Moving forward you will need to purchase the DL4S in place of the DL4 when needed.
Things to be aware of:

The DL4S has a different, spindle actuator.
    If the control box is a CBD4; a software update can be required.
    If only one DL4 column in a system is broken, it cannot be replaced with a DL4S. All four columns must be upgraded to work with the CBD.
    The part number is changing to DL4S.


    Larger/increased margins, affordable
    Updated to meet current market demands, changing workspaces.
    Updated mechanics
    Quality improvements
    PVC free.
    Same design
    Slightly quieter.
    Same load

Hallmarks of the DL4S:
    The same unique design
    Max. thrust 700 N per column
    Max. speed: 38 mm/s unloaded
    Standard installation dimension 560 mm
    Standard stroke length 675 mm
    Bending moment: Max. 150 Nm dynamic,
    Colour: Black RAL 9005, Grey: RAL 9006 or White: RAL9016, all gloss 30
    Low and uniform noise level
    PVC-free column
    Hall sensor (enables parallel drive with control boxes)