Systems for Motorised Interactive Displays

adjustable display & monitor stands

Electric Actuators for Monitor Stands

Large monitors, smartboards, and interactive whiteboards are rapidly becoming quite popular in almost every part of the business sector as well as in the field of education and entertainment. 

Interactive displays or smartboards are recognized as great tools for presentations, brainstorming, and idea development. You will find them in conference rooms, showrooms, laboratories, classrooms, and auditoriums, and often there is a need for mobility and adjustment of both height and angle in order to cater for various users and audiences. 

DESKLINE® motorized electric actuator systems provide the perfect solution for any kind of lifting, lowering, and tilting of all kinds of interactive display and monitor stands. Lifting columns from LINAK are silent, precise, and yet able to handle heavy monitors and boards.

Focus on display & monitor stands

Focus on display & monitor stands

Improve communication by adding electric movement to display and monitor stands - bringing your message at eye-level to the end-user.

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Please contact LINAK DESKLINE for a reliable actuator solution that will fit elegantly into any height adjustable frame or monitor stand for touch screens, interactive whiteboards, smartboards, and other interactive displays.

There is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on DESKLINE products.

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