Systems with Inline Lifting Columns

Desk Lifting Systems with inline lifting columns


LINAK inline lifting columns take your whole office to a new level of style. The inline system is the perfect choice for adapting a current desk design for height adjustment. The unobtrusive design without a motor housing blends perfectly into a current desk design with fixed or manually adjusted columns.

THE INLINE lifting column FAMILY

DL12, DL14 and DL17 inline columns are often referred to as the inline family. They come in three shapes – round, rectangular and square. The inline family has it all, with sleek design and more standard features than ever. Besides the inline family, the DESKLINE inline column range also includes the DL2 and the DL4S inline columns.

The column you choose depends on your design requirements.
  • Choose the DL12 if you prefer sleek rectangular design that provides a streamlined silhouette. It is pleasing to the eye with invisible gliding pads, and minimum spaces between the profiles. The DL12 comes with PIEZO™ as standard and it is a PVC-free™ product
  • The DL14 is an optimum choice if you want a slim round design with a long adjustment range. The DL14 comes with PIEZO as standard 
  • The DL17 provides an elegant square design, minimum spaces between the profiles, invisible gliding pads, PIEZO as standard and it is a PVC-free product
  • The DL4 is for those who prefer an ellipse design with a long adjustment range
  • The DL2 column is ideal for single leg desks with its sturdy design and the possibility to integrate the control box


DESKLINE systems are true systems where everything fits – it is simply plug & play. This means inline lifting columns are compatible with all DESKLINE control boxes and all DESKLINE controls – giving you optimum freedom of design.


For more than a decade, LINAK has provided dedicated systems to office furniture manufacturers. Choose LINAK for:
  • Innovative design
  • Widest product program on the market
  • Plug and play simplicity, true systems where everything fits
  • PIEZO anti-collision technology
  • PVC-free products
  • Pleasant sound level
  • 5 year warranty

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