Height Adjustable Industrial Workstations

Electric Actuators
for industrial workstations


Ergonomic electrical adjustability offers organizations total flexibility in moving staff around for industrial workstations like:
Even if the workforce varies considerably in height, individual adjustment is fast and easy allowing efficient use of the workforce at any time. Different tasks at the same table might also benefit from individual adjustments.

To the individual worker adjustability powered by electric actuator systems means that the job becomes less strenuous. On a day-to-day basis, performance and productivity is enhanced and in the long run ergonomic adjustability results in less absence due to attrition and other work related ailments.

Safety, high lifting capacity and robust reliable quality are keywords when DESKLINE® makes industrial electric actuator systems. LINAK has more than 30 years of experience in electric linear actuators. Every DESKLINE® electric actuator system undergoes a 100% function test before it leaves the factory.

DESKLINE builds these powerful actuators into complete modular systems with smooth and quiet operation controlled by a user-friendly intuitive control unit.

Assembly tables

Ergonomic adjustability of assembly tables leads to correct working heights as well as proper positioning of tools and parts. Optimal conditions for long work periods at one workstation improve productivity.

Assembly tables

LINAK electric actuator systems for assembly tables are very powerful and yet they use less power than other adjustable solutions.


Packing tables

Anyone concerned with LEAN, process flow and automation should seriously consider the benefits offered by electric height adjustment in the packing department.

Packing tables 

LINAK electric actuator systems for packing tables and equipment ensure quick and easy adjustment in case of frequent changes in package size and multiple shifts.


Mail sorting tables

Ergonomic adjustability ensures that any employee can easily and quickly trim the mail sorting table to match his or her preferred working height. The results are less physical stress and lower absentee rates. The long-term benefits are significant improvements of both work atmosphere and productivity.

mail sorting tables 

LINAK electric actuator systems for mail sorting tables are designed to handle heavy loads and rough treatment.


ESD workbenches

Ergonomic adjustability without ESD hazards. Anyone concerned with ergonomics, LEAN, process flow and automation must consider the benefits offered by electric height adjustment of workstations. However, when electrostatic-sensitive devices are involved, ESD protection is the primary concern.

ESD workbenches 

LINAK electric actuator systems for ESD workbenches are designed for full ESD protection.


Please contact DESKLINE if you want to add ergonomic adjustability to any kind of industrial workstation. Together we will come up with an electric actuator solution.

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