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Electric Actuators for
retail counters


Electric height adjustment powered by linear actuator systems is finding its way into the retail businesses both as a service to customers and to the shop personnel.
Easily adjustable checkout stands and sales counters makes life easier and a lot healthier for the employee, often it also results in a faster and smoother service for the customers.
One-size-fits-all does not work effectively for self-service kiosks. You do not want to bend down or stand on tiptoes to read instructions on monitors or to enter your credit card, etc. An easily operated actuator solution will boost both the usability and the image of a self-service kiosk.
DESKLINE® supplies flexible modular lifting systems powered by high quality LINAK electric linear actuators for all kinds of retail checkout counters and self-service kiosk applications.
LINAK electric actuators for counters are renowned for their reliability and quick, smooth, ultra-quiet operation. Extensive testing ensures a long maintenance-free lifetime even when the actuator system is used repeatedly all day long. There is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on DESKLINE products.

If you are looking for safe, easy and reliable adjustment for the retail business, please contact DESKLINE for a solution that will accommodate both your functional needs and your design strategy.

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