Adjustable Technical Workstations



Ergonomic electrical adjustability offers maximum flexibility when it comes to suiting individual needs and preferences in highly specialized technical workstations like:
It may take years and great sums of money to train professionals working at various highly specialized technical workstations. The added comfort and ergonomic benefits of an adjustable technical workstation contributes to enhanced performance, job satisfaction and less absence due to illness and work related ailments.

Safety, high lifting capacity, flexibility, and never-failing reliability are keywords when DESKLINE® provides electric actuator solutions for technical workstations. LINAK has 30 years of experience in electric linear actuators and supplies high-quality actuator system with up to 16 legs in parallel.

Every DESKLINE actuator system undergoes a 100% function test before it leaves the factory. DESKLINE builds these powerful electric actuators for workstations into complete modular systems with smooth and quiet operation that can be controlled by a user-friendly control unit.


Control Room Workstations

Control room workstations are fitted with expensive equipment, many screens and computers and the employees working at these stations are mostly highly paid specialists. Often the workstations are used 24-7 and breakdowns are very costly. Therefore, the workstation must function 100% to the optimum result.

control room workstations

LINAK electric actuator systems for control room workstations offer quick and easy adjustment and reliability at shifts and ensure correct working position to the individual employee.


Trading Desks

Anyone working in trading or in the financial market should seriously consider the benefits offered by electric height adjustment. Ergonomic adjustability of trading desks help ensue correct working height and optimal conditions for long work periods at one workstation thus improving productivity and job satisfaction.

trading desks

LINAK electric actuator systems for trading desks ensure quick and easy adjustment. The desks can be customized so that they fit exactly to the individual user.

The comprehensive DESKLINE product range includes complete modular actuator systems that can be customized to match you specific needs. Adjustment options include electric height adjustment and tilting as well as adjustment of monitors and other technical equipment. Adjustment is easily performed with user-friendly and intuitive DESKLINE controls.
Please contact LINAK DESKLINE if you need to add adjustability and motion to any kind of technical workstation and our team of dedicated consultants and engineers will come up with a quality solution.
Learn more in this video about moving desks.

Products for Technical Workstations

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