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Actuator Systems
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LINAK supplies high quality DESKLINE® electric linear actuators and columns that are used to electrically raise and lower desks. These systems are reliable, quick, smooth, and quiet. 

Whether you are looking for a solution for a simple sit stand desk or for a more advanced desk setup, DESKLINE has a solution that will accommodate both your functional needs and your design strategy.

A good day at the office

Today most processing tasks are carried out on stationary desktop computers. People working in logistics or service might work in teams, but they are still tied to the desk all day. Creative job functions might rely more and more on the mobility of wireless laptop computers, but chances are that even managers, consultants and the like spend most of their day at a desk.
The modern office environment is slowly but surely changing into a dynamic living space where you must feel comfortable to be effective.
If you change between desks or share a desk, simply adjust it to suit you. If your body aches and you need to stand up just lift the desk to a standing position. If it feels more comfortable to stand up during a conference or a presentation why not press a button to lift the conference desk? This way you will enjoy both the ergonomic benefits plus a new dynamic and efficient type of meeting.
A comfortable and ergonomic design of the workplace is the very basis for modern productive work. A good day at the office is worth a lot to both the employer and the employee. This is why LINAK DESKLINE strives to help provide electric actuators for desks and other products that improve people’s working environment. Please contact LINAK DESKLINE.

Learn more about the benefits of using a sit-stand desk, ergonomics and get introduced to LINAK motivational tools that help override the learned sedentary behavior.



MOVE brochure

A small booklet about why and how height adjustable desks should be used.

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