Motion inherently opens new opportunities. Motion can allow for someone to lift heavy objects, to open something automatically or make a job easier.

For over four decades, LINAK has used motion to facilitate improvement across a variety of environments including offices, hospitals, industrial facilities and even farms. With more than 2,000 employees in production facilities in Denmark, Slovakia, China, and the United States as well as subsidiaries in over 35 countries across the globe; LINAK is an international leader in electric actuator technology.

Four dedicated LINAK segments
LINAK products can be applied in a growing number of business areas, each of which fits in one of four segments.

Since 1990, LINAK has helped redefine modern workplace interior by developing electrical height adjustment for office desks and workstations worldwide – often in close collaboration with manufacturers or interior designers.

At LINAK, collaboration means a close relationship with our customers when developing new and innovative ergonomic solutions for office desks, workbenches, and kitchens. In addition to the extensive product portfolio of high quality actuators and columns, LINAK defines new benchmarks with technologies such as PIEZO™ and ZERO™, and by striving to increase the use of PVC-free materials in our products. The aim is to build office furniture that is designed to shape behavior for the betterment of users and their employers.

Interested in learning more about the wide variety of ergonomic solutions LINAK can offer workplace products? Get in touch with the DESKLINE motion experts at LINAK!

Providing electric actuator for healthcare applications in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers and even private homes, this segment focuses on offering reliable and medically approved solutions to improve the lives of patients.

The MEDLINE & CARELINE portfolio of products has made LINAK a worldwide leader of cutting edge medical movement solutions. This segment includes a variety of products used in the treatment process including hospital beds, medical tables, chairs, couches, patients lifts, wheelchairs and much more. Our aim in MEDLINE & CARELINE is to stay on the cutting edge of global trends and developments in healthcare, and continue to apply actuator solutions to the latest innovations.

Interested in learning more about the wide variety of ergonomic solutions LINAK can offer your medical products? Get in touch with the MEDLINE motion experts at LINAK!

With a focus on heavy-duty tasks within industrial, agricultural and construction settings, TECHLINE products offer reliable and precise movement even in the most extreme conditions.

TECHLINE business areas include:
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Farming/Mobile Agriculture
  • Marine/Boating Solutions
  • Wastewater
  • And much more

Interested in learning more about the wide variety of heavy-duty solutions LINAK can offer your products? Get in touch with the TECHLINE motion experts at LINAK!

As more and more homes embrace the use of comfort furniture in their private homes, LINAK has developed a segment focusing exclusively on complete modular actuator systems designed to improve the comfort and ergonomics of this furniture.

At LINAK, focus is on turning new ideas into elegant solutions that will give more value for the end-user. The result is strong and reliable yet low-noise actuator systems with a compact design, which blends in smoothly with the overall furniture design. For us focus is on improving products to provide our customers with a competitive advantage. For example, the LINAK Bluetooth® control solution is not only another wireless control. It also enables you to offer customers a more personalized adjustment. 

Interested in learning more about the wide variety of movement solutions LINAK can offer your comfort furniture products? Get in touch with the HOMELINE motion experts at LINAK!

If you have a product that fits in any of these segments, a LINAK representative is ready to talk.

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