Working Environment Policy

Quality Policy

LINAK wants satisfied customers
With our strategy of integrated quality management based on the zero-fault philosophy through Development, Purchasing, Production and Service; LINAK will be the world’s leading developer and supplier of electric quality actuators and control systems to satisfied customers.

LINAK makes continuous improvements
LINAK plans, implements and follows up on continuous improvements in the efficiency of the environment, the working environment and the quality management systems.

LINAK complies with laws and requirements
LINAK will comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and other contractual agreements.

LINAK revises its management foundation annually
LINAK revises its policies, objectives and goals within quality, environment and working environment annually.

LINAK policies are known by all
LINAK's quality, environment and working environment policies are known by and available to all employees and published on our homepage.
Our Values
We provide innovative actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life.
Our Policies
We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
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