LINAK Launches Photovoltaic Park
On January 2010, LINAK initiates a green project to use only CO₂ neutral energy sources at LINAK Headquarters with the purpose of reducing the organization’s impact on the environment. The first step in this direction is the building of a photovoltaic park.

In February 2011, LINAK Headquarters launches the largest self-contained photovoltaic park in Denmark. The park contains 500 m2 solar cells, which are mounted with LINAK actuators that manoeuvre the solar panels and help ensure effective solar tracking. 

The 75 kWp photovoltaic park provides approximately 90,000 kWh every year. This equals a total production of 2,700,000 kWh or a CO₂ reduction of 1,277 tons during the park’s expected lifetime of 30 years.

LINAK has taken the first step towards a CO₂ neutral headquarters and is now preparing the next initiative of the green project with enthusiasm.
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