pvc-free solutions

LINAK has acknowledged that there are alternatives to materials containing PVC.

For health reasons and for the sake of the environment the new DESKLINE® products are PVC-free as standard – thereby more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride,  abbreviated to PVC, is a commonly used plastic. PVC can be divided in two groups: hard PVC and soft PVC.

Hard PVC would typically be used in construction, and soft PVC typically as electrical insulation for cables and as coating for electronic components.

To be used as insulation PVC needs to be softened. This is done by adding plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates.

Why go PVC-free?

  • For health reasons...
    Phthalates are suspected of disrupting hormones and may be related to several chronic diseases and birth defects.

  • For the sake of the environment...
    Due to its chemical combination PVC should be recycled separately from other plastics. This process takes up unnecessary resources. When PVC is incinerated it contributes to unnecessary release of dioxins.

PVC-free Solutions
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