The bed is a vital piece of furniture. We spend many hours in bed, and features such as an electric adjustable actuator system simply have to work smoothly and silently night after night.
When you are dealing with a leading brand, you can expect quality in every detail. Smooth, noiseless and reliable action with sufficient power to handle the required load for years and years is the trademark of LINAK.
LINAK HOMELINE® will provide you with complete modular actuator systems that will fit effortlessly into your product.
Test, test and test again
One reason that LINAK has been a worldwide partner and actuator solutions provider to such diverse industries as construction, farming, office furniture as well as hospitals and nursing homes for 30 years is our comprehensive testing program.
Every HOMELINE actuator system undergoes a 100% function test before it leaves the factory. New products and samples from the existing range are constantly put through a grueling series of tests involving all kinds of extreme conditions.
We will settle for no less than perfection and neither should you. Please contact LINAK HOMELINE if you want to rest assured that your bed is fitted with a safe and reliable actuator solution.
HOMELINE Applications
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