Adjustability might be both the ergonomically and economically sound choice, but when it comes to office desks and workstations, the design will often be top priority.

You do not want bulky motors, industrial lifting columns or electromechanical actuator systems to hamper your efforts to make beautiful and stylish design. What you want is smooth, quiet motion at the press of an unobtrusive button. As a Scandinavian based company, we cherish clean, simple and discreet design, and that is exactly what you get from LINAK® DESKLINE®.

Over many years, DESKLINE has established a good working relationship with a number of renowned architects and designers. We believe that perfect height adjustable furniture and workstations is the result of a close cooperation with a free and open exchange of ideas between your designers and the DESKLINE team of consultants and engineers.

DESKLINE linear actuator systems give you full freedom to design. As a rule, you can concentrate on the top, the frame and the feet of the desk, and DESKLINE will provide the rest as specified. If you want an adjustable desk without a crossbar, DESKLINE will help you get the required stability.

Please contact LINAK DESKLINE. Let us know your needs and wishes and together we will come up with a solution that will please everybody – both functionally and aesthetically.

Visit “Design Meets Movement” – an entity formed by LINAK and involving some of the most creative and innovative designers from across the world.
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