Facts about LINAK Lifting Columns

A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into a stable guide. The sophisticated motor system is completely hidden inside the column.

LINAK lifting columns are designed to raise and lower, providing a smooth, quiet and elegant movement. With innovative systems from LINAK you can concentrate on design, stability and furniture aesthetics. Additionally, there is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on all lifting columns.

Where is it used?

Our lifting column systems are used for office desks, workstations, kitchens, display stands, mobile carts, counters, treatment chairs and more.

The LINAK Lifting column product range

LINAK has the widest product range of lifting columns the market. Whether you are looking for rectangular, round or square, standard turned or turned upside down, inline or with motor housing, 2-part or 3-part legs, we have the solution.

Skyline of LINAK Lifting Columns
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