Environmental Policy 

LINAK U.S. Inc. Environmental policy:

LINAK U.S. Inc. recognizes that our success is not only based on our business accomplishments, but also being a responsible environmental organization. LINAK U.S. Inc. will demonstrate its commitment to the environment through:
  • Knowing and understanding how LINAK U.S. Inc. currently affects the environment
  • Managing these known affects, utilizing continuous improvement, with the intent of reducing our total negative effect & where determined possible, eliminating negative environmental effects on an on-going basis
  • Pollution prevention: Determining and managing environmental impacts of future ventures during the planning and execution of these future ventures
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and any other requirements LINAK U.S. Inc. has adopted
  • Communicating and promoting the LINAK U.S. Inc. environmental policy and Commitment to all LINAK U.S. Inc. employees
  • Communication of the LINAK U.S. Inc. environmental Policy and Commitment to our customers, our local community and to the general public
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