LINAK Corporate Management

Bent Jensen
CEO & Owner
Per Rosenberg Andersen
Vice-President & CCO
Lene Jensen
Director, Foundation
John Frost
Vice-President & General Manager, Desk & Comfort
Claus Hegelund Sørensen
Senior Director, R&D
Paul Frees
Senior Director, Purchasing 
Carsten Borchert
Vice-President & CFO
Arne Iversen
Senior Director, Quality
Egon Jensen
Vice-President & COO
Lars Uhd Nørgaard
Director, HR

LINAK International

Thorkild Nielsen
Head of LINAK International
Anders Hamborg-Petersen
Export Manager
Carsten Schwaermer
Customer Service
Maria Lametsch Eskjær
Sales Engineer
Gitte Bonefeld
Customer Service

Doing Business with LINAK
We do not want to be merely another supplier to our customers..
Our Policies
We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
Contact LINAK
Knowledgeable dialogue and close cooperation is the shortest route to a perfect solution.
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